I prefer to practice in my own space.

LAB+home is a library of virtual classes with instructors from both Victoria and Westshore LAB locations. While we build this library, you’ll have access to all of our live-replay classes for the entire month of June. Practice our popular sequences with your favourite teachers in the comfort of your own space.

How do I watch On Demand classes?

With an unlimited membership or pass you can access our LAB+home library from the LABCommunityMobile App by logging in and then selecting the “Video” icon on the bottom ribbon.  If you are watching from a desktop computer, you will click on this link, log-in and then you can locate the class you wish to take from the list.

How do I join a Live Stream class?

Log-in to the LABCommunity Mobile App and click “book” from the bottom ribbon.  Locate the class you wish to take and click “Book Class”.  Within 2-30 minutes before your class starts you will be emailed a link to “Join the class now”.  You will click on this link and follow the prompts.  If you have a pop-up blocker you will need to disable this in order for your browser to pop open the Mind Body Live Stream page.

Can I transfer my pass into an online-only pass? 

Yes, unlimited weekly and monthly On Demand classes can be purchased from our purchases page on our website.

I missed my Live Stream class, is there a charge?

No.  If you happen to miss a Live Stream class you will be notified via text or email.  Late cancel fees only apply to In-Studio classes.


What is your current pricing structure? 

LiveWell+ Membership includes our In-Studio classes and full access to LAB+home online classes. Memberships continue at the reduced rate of $59/month during periods when the in-studio classes are paused.  

SunRise+ Memberships include access to In-Studio classes and full access to LAB+home online classes.  Memberships continue at the same rate of $59/month during periods when the in-studio classes are paused with the change that clients can take classes at any time with no time restrictions.

LiveWELL+ Yearly Prepaid Memberships includes our In-Studio classes and full access to LAB+home online classes.  During periods when the in-studio classes are paused, prepaid members will also receive $30 credits which be used for In-Studio purchases.  This credit does not expire.

I would like to activate my membership.

Yay! We are excited to welcome you back! Please email us at with the date you’d like to activate your membership on. Keep in mind that it may take up to 3 days for us to reactivate your membership. 

I would like to freeze my membership.

Please click on these links if you want to freeze your membership. Suspensions and cancellations take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. We will be processing these requests in the order they are received. If a payment is charged to your credit card in the days of this processing time, a refund will be issued. 

I would like to cancel my membership.

We suggest to plan your cancellation the day before your payment date to avoid charges you cannot use. When you are ready to cancel your membership, click the “Log-in” from the navigation menu.  Sign into your account through a computer browser.  Click on “My Info” and then click on “Account”.  Scroll down until you find a section titled “Autopays”, find your contract from the list of line items.  Click on the red button named “terminate”.  Confirm that you want to continue by selecting “Ok”.

Can I practice In-Studio and still get access to LAB+home?

Yes! All of our prepaid and monthly members have access to both.


What is the capacity in class? 

We have 21 spots available for students in each class. Smaller class sizes means students will have the opportunity to connect even deeper with our community. Connection has been a core value in our community for over 10 years. Our new model of service delivery can help us deepen our connection as a community. 

What temperature is the room heated to? Why?

In order to comply with the provincial health authority mandate, all of our ‘hot’ classes have been adjusted to a comfortable ambient room temperature.

Can I use the change rooms?

We have limited the use of our change rooms. If you need to use the bathroom facilities or changing rooms during your visit, please follow the decals marked along the floor to ensure adequate social spacing. 

Can I shower?

We are not able to sanitize showers in-between each use. We disinfect 2 showers (clearly indicated) before and after each class for any students who require the use of a shower. For the full list of ways we’re keeping our studio clean, visit our updated Health & Safety protocols.


How do I sign up for class?

Classes are open for registrations from 6:00am – 11:45pm daily with a 7 day rolling registration. Online signup closes 2 hours prior to class start time. Sign up through a web browser or our LABCommunity mobile app. 

Can I walk in?

All classes are pre-registered. No walk-ins at this time.

What does it mean to be put on a waitlist?

The class is full, but you will be notified if a spot comes available up to 8 hours prior to the class start time. Ensure text notifications are turned on in your account settings.

How do I turn on text notifications?

Download our LABCommunity app. Once you’ve signed in to your MINDBODY account, you can adjust your preferences by clicking Menu > Settings and scrolling down to Email & Notifications. Enable ‘Send me mobile notifications’ and voilà! You’re all set.

Is there a charge if I need to cancel my pre-registration?

Late cancel/no show fee of $20 will apply if you cancel your registration less than 8 hours prior to class start time. If your late cancel or no show is due to health reasons, please reach out to the studio.

What do I need to bring to class?

Mat, water bottle, sweat towel, and props (block, strap, bolster, etc). Please arrive dressed in the attire you wish to wear for class. Use of change rooms is possible if necessary. 

Will the teacher be walking around?

Nope. Teachers will be leading classes from their mat. If the heat or humidity in the room needs to be adjusted, teachers will wear a mask while doing so. 

Do you have mats and props available for rent?

No, all students need to bring their own. We don’t have any available for use at this time.

Will you have props/water bottles/mats/other items for sale?

Yes, you can purchase practice accessories and prop kits in-studio using debit/credit cards.

Do you have new etiquette?

Yes, we do! We’ve updated our in-studio processes in accordance with the new health & safety measures. Take a read through here.

I like to take a big, open-mouthed exhale when I feel the need to ground myself, is this still okay?

Yes.  Because everyone is wearing a mask during class, students can now breathe through their nose or mouth.


Do you sell mats, props and other cool retail products?

We sure do! Reach out to for retail hours.

Can I pay using cash?

Until further notice we are a cashless studio. We can accept debit/credit cards for in studio purchases and recommend using the tap feature. 

Where can I set up my secure payment method?

You can use the LABCommunity app to purchase classes. From the main Menu, look under ‘My Info’ for the Buy tab. Choose ‘In Studio’ and select the pass you’d like. 


If I have arrived at the studio and have questions about a policy before or after class, who do I talk to?

Students are welcome to pass along feedback to a staff member when they are in the studio. If a staff member isn’t available, please send an email so we can connect with you. Our teachers are responsible to support the overall needs of many individuals before and after class.  It is not their job responsibility to work through individual concerns but to pass them along to the leadership team for follow up.

What if I feel concerned with the protocols being followed during class?

We value your experience, if you are having a negative experience during class it is difficult for us to resolve it in the moment.  We do encourage students if they feel uncomfortable with how things are proceeding to leave the class, and follow up with the studio afterwards. 

I just had a concerning experience in the studio, who do I reach out to?

You can reach out directing to for any experiences in the studio that fall short of our commitments to you.  It is deeply important to each of us to create a sustainable business model and keep our community healthy and safe.  We are committed to working through every single concern.


Do I have to wear a mask during practice?

On November 19th, the PHO mandated mask wearing in all indoor common public spaces.  They are currently getting more clear on mask use during ‘fitness’ classes, but until then we do have to honour this mandate.  Masks are mandatory throughout the studio and during practice. It is a simple way to take care of each other and the spaces we share.

I have a medical condition and cannot wear a mask.  Can I still practice at the studio?  

No.  At this time, for the wellbeing of our community, we require everyone in the studio to wear a mask at all times. If you are unable to wear a mask, we encourage you to practice from home through our LAB+home virtual studio.

I don’t like wearing masks and choose not to wear one. Can I still come to the studio?

We understand that you may not want to wear a mask. Students are required to wear a mask at all times. If you choose to not wear a mask, we encourage you to practice from home through our LAB+home virtual studio.

When are teachers, ambassadors or staff required to wear their masks?

Our teachers, ambassadors and staff follow the same protocols that we expect of our students.  This means, they wear their mask at all times.  

How do you determine your policies around contact tracing?

Contact tracing is the responsibility of Island Health, not Yoga Lab Westshore. We have created systems that support clear contact tracing. Pre-registration for classes and no student crossover between classes are two of these systems. Island Health has told us that in the event of a positive COVID-19 case associated with the studio, all students, teachers, staff and ambassadors who were in the studio with the afflicted person would be contacted.

What are your cleaning protocols? 

Classes are scheduled to allow for ample time in between to rigorously clean and sanitize the practice room, change rooms, washrooms and other high touch areas (such as door handles, countertops, credit/debit machines) in the studio.

Several hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the facility, and all persons must sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the studio.

We continue to use Oxivir Plus Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate as our primary cleaning solution. It is a tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, broad-spectrum sanitizer. This product is hydrogen-peroxide based, EcoLogo certified and developed for use in medical and healthcare establishments. We follow the manufacturer’s recommended dilution ratios for both disinfection and broad-spectrum sanitization.

For more information, see our full list of Health & Safety protocols.

How does physical distancing look in the studio?

We’ve placed handy-dandy floor decals throughout the studio, making it easy to move through the space while upholding physical distancing. Read about our studio etiquette, which includes physical distancing practices.

Decals on the stairs will help guide the flow of traffic. While only one person is to be on the staircase at a time, please provide the right-of-way to the person who is on the landing.

How is Yoga Lab staying up to date on current developments?

The Yoga Lab Leadership team is committed to ensuring the studio is operating in cooperation and in compliance with the directives of the Provincial Health Officer. We maintain regular communication with our Environmental Health Officer who has been supportive of our protocols.