We’re often told that “everything happens for a reason”

It’s easy to say this when things are going great – You’ve found your flow and life feels abundant, so anything is possible! But what about the times when life does not seem so in flow? Those times when everything feels like an obstacle and the light is struggling to shine through the cracks.

It’s all about perspective.


If we view life’s obstacles as preparation rather than defeat, then they become a collection of perfectly orchestrated moments, each one getting you ready for what is yet to come.

While it can be difficult to view the world this way when we are in the midst of pain, heartache, loss, sadness and confusion, if we try to see the bigger picture then we can understand that this moment is not only temporary, but also a valuable lesson in staying true to ourselves.

You wouldn’t call something a problem if you understood it. The problem is that you don’t understand it. When we have a complete comprehension of the thing, we understand the reasons behind it, and we can focus on the bigger picture. If we constantly cultivate a deeper understanding of the absolute truth of what is actually happening, then life becomes school – The greatest teacher that there is!

We just have to be willing to learn.


Open up to the idea that every difficult place you find yourself in is an opportunity for you to grow; to forgive; to love more than you ever have before.

Unhappiness is caused by ignorance and lack of understanding which creates misery and a feeling of hopelessness. What if instead we look at it from the angle that suffering is the universes way of poking at you, making you recognise the areas where you are ignorant? Suddenly it becomes a lesson.

Life is for education.

Free yourself!

Love always

Yoga Lab Victoria