Group Classes are back!

We are over the moon to say that we have once again opened up the studio doors, welcoming you into our space to re-join the community in group practice. We have missed you dearly.

We understand that coming back to the studio can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. Our mind races with thoughts of “have I kept up my practice enough at home”, “can I still hold that posture” or “will I enjoy being in the studio again after so long away”. We hear you! So we decided to give you a little reminder as to why group practice can be such a valuable benefit to us all. Here are our top 5 reasons why group practice gets a YES from us:


First things first, starting anything in life is a task. We often set out to achieve so many goals within our daily lives, but sometimes only half of them are achieved. We all need some level of encouragement and support to begin our practice which is why yoga in a group setting is the best way to give it a kick start and ensure that you show up to your mat, no matter what your mood is.

Shared Energy

The energy shared between a group of people moving and breathing together is beyond words. Whether you all work on a new pose together or sit in meditation, the energy that you fill the room with as you work towards a common goal is immeasurable. This energy can be used to help propel your own practice and push yourself further into new realms of consciousness.


One of the most important benefits of group yoga is to make friends with like-minded people. In group yoga you have an advantage to befriend and share your life with those who live at a similar wavelength as you.  Its likely that you and your fellow yogis share a similar value system, one that gravitates towards a wholesome, and holistic living.  We encourage you all to get to know one another on a personal level and build upon the Yoga Lab community that we all appreciate so much.


Whatever kind of exercise we do, we are always more consistent in our practice and training when part of a group. Being part of a group is incredibly motivating and can make it easier to show up to class, even on those days you don’t feel like it, when other people are expecting to see you there.

Just a few weeks of consistent practice can bring you further than you might think, so why not try going to a group class and seeing where it takes you?



Our yoga teachers are here for YOU.

Whether you are just beginning, or have built up a strong practice over years, we understand that yoga is about constantly delving into new parts of ourselves, and appreciating the lessons learned along the way. Group classes give you the benefit of being surrounded by people all working towards the same goal, so we can share our knowledge, and help perfect those postures every step of the way. We are always looking to expand our knowledge; practicing alongside our students is both a privilege and a lesson for us too!

Finally, we want you to know that when you step into the studio, you are part of our community. We want to hear about your day, talk about how the practice made you feel, share stories, give advice, and grow together as a community. We are equally here for you as much as you are for us, and we are incredibly grateful to be able to share your energy in the studio once again.

See you on the mat!

Love always

Yoga Lab Victoria