We are often told that “money makes the world go round” – And in our modern world, this appears to be true.

Many people are anxious about money. 

We are fearful when we have money because we might lose it again; we are fearful when we lack money because we face an uncertain future. 

As yoga practitioners, how are we to relate to money in a balanced manner? 

Is money intrinsically bad, or is it our attitude that needs changing? 

Philosophers and revolutionaries have blamed money for all kinds of social ills, and some would even like to see it eliminated altogether. Perhaps, in a perfect world, it would be better to have no money at all. But at least for now money is part of our everyday reality, and we must come to terms with it. 


“Money is a great servant but a bad master.  

If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.”  

Sir Francis Bacon 



The way we generate & spend our money, can have a profound effect on the balance within our lives, both internally and externally. 


Here are some of our ideas for keeping a balanced approach to money: 


Earning Ethically 

Take an inventory of your talents, interests, and values. Find related careers and create an action plan to create the work you want, including getting the necessary training. If you don’t feel good about your current work but can’t leave it right now, perform it in a way that doesn’t compromise your values, to the greatest extent possible. And try to find the deep meaning in your c

urrent situation, which could be as basic as supporting the family you love. 


Live Lightly 

Adopt a minimalist approach to your life. Buying only what you need, rather than what you desire. Organize your space and keep it clutter free by donating the items which no longer serve you.

Vote with your Money 

Every time we make a purchase, we have a choice. Be mindful about the products you are buying. Where they came from, who created them, what was destroyed in order for this item to exist? 

Consider this every time you pick the cheaper option over the sustainable option. 

Practice Gratitude 

Chances are, each product you buy has had an effect on our planet -Thank Mother Earth for providing, each time you make a purchase. Be grateful for the money you worked hard for, in order to sleep comfortably in your home and nourish your body with food. 

Give your time 

If money is tight, and your generosity doesn’t have far to stretch, try giving your time. Volunteer, help out a neighbor, or simply hold open a door for a stranger. Your time is much more precious and can have the same impact (if not bigger) than a monetary donation. 



Money can be a particularly powerful tool to understand who we are in the world and where we are on our spiritual path. It reveals both our fears and our desires, our insecurities and our generosity, our trust and surrender, or our worry and doubt. 


When we can view money as simply another spiritual practice, it takes the emotions out of it, and empowers us in all aspects of our lives. 


Love always, 

Yoga Lab Victoria